APM successfully starts up a tissue production line with shoe press and steel Yankee with ANDRITZ in Algeria

The ANDRITZ energy-efficient tissue machine has a design speed of 2,100 m/min and a working width of 2.85 m and produces tissue for high-quality facial wipes as well as toilet and towel paper grades. The machine is equipped with the latest ANDRITZ shoe press technology PrimePress XT Evo. With its energy-efficient design, improved dewatering, and reduced need for thermal drying, the shoe press minimizes energy consumption. Furthermore, the 16 ft. PrimeDry Steel Yankee enables a high drying capacity. The stock preparation system also consists of equipment with the highest energy efficiency, such as a FibreSolve FSV pulper with innovative rotor, well-proven TwinFlo double-disc refiners as well as ModuScreen HBE headbox screens for the approach flow system. Fiber recovery and broke handling are also part of the scope of supply. “Start-up of the mill was a great success, and the collaboration with ANDRITZ was very good. It is the first tissue machine for APM, and we are proud to announce the first paper on reel. For us, good paper quality combined with energy-efficiency is of utmost importance. The combination of a steel Yankee and a shoe press enables efficient drying with substantial energy savings.” Ziad Haffar, General Manager, Africaine Paper Mills (APM). Africaine Paper Mills (APM) APM is an innovative paper manufacturing company founded by people with longtime and profound experience in the paper making industry. Its expansion plans include paper mills in several countries belonging to the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region. The successful start-up once again confirms ANDRITZ’s strong position as one of the global market leaders in the tissue industry and as supplier for complete tissue production lines, key components, and services. ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER ANDRITZ Pulp & Paper is a leading global supplier of complete plants, systems, equipment, and comprehensive services for the production and processing of all types of pulp, paper, board, and tissue. The technologies cover processing of logs, annual fibers, and waste paper; production of chemical pulp, mechanical pulp, and recycled fibers; recovery and reuse of chemicals; preparation of paper machine furnish; production of paper, board, and tissue; sizing, calendering and coating of paper; as well as treatment of reject materials and sludge. The service offering includes system and machine

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